February 21, 2019

During his long business career, Robert F. Bernstock has made a difference from a number of leadership roles with a good many companies. That is why Bob Bernstock has earned a lot of recommendations for his work and his skills in many important business areas. However. He receives the most praise for his handling of and ability to teach companies how to handle change management. That skill is very important, from the perspective of Robert F. Bernstock. He believes that a company’s ability to handle change is a critical aspect of any business, making it more efficient, effective and profitable.

Bob’s experience has earned him some key endorsements, as has his experience as an executive with the U.S. Postal Service, where he managed more than $70 billion in sales revenueOver time, Robert F. Bernstock has gained experience in a number of industries and he has been considered for a number of positions on the boards of a number of companies, both public and private. After holding key positions as a decision maker with some large companies, including some in the Fortune 1000 companies.